How to choose furniture for the hotel?

How to choose furniture for the hotel?

When it comes to full support of all rooms with the necessary furniture, this task often contains many of the difficulties which initially were not noticeable.

Of course, if the hotel is operated by a major international operator with all the necessary admin resource challenges of this task will not be. Experience in the hotel management plays an important role in the prediction of the most probable difficulties in advance. Furnishing of all rooms consists of several key tasks.

General theses

While ensuring full room Fund of the hotel furniture, you need to remember: there are rooms of different categories. In any hotel of the middle class or a huge five-star hotel provides standard, Deluxe, business class. In large hotels further rooms category "Executive apartment" or exclusive themed rooms. For each room category the furniture should be appropriate. If the Deluxe Suite is the furniture is similar to a standard room, the economy class of the hotel, it looks ridiculous, significantly complicating the formation of a correct pricing policy of the hotel. Than often provide hotels? It can be:

  • Sofas;
  • bed;
  • desks;
  • coffee tables;
  • the chair;
  • puffs;
  • cabinets;
  • chairs.

Before practical implementation of the design of residential rooms, it is necessary to define its style. In this case, it is optimal to use the services of a professional designer. Standard furniture, descended from the conveyor of a large furniture factory, not suitable for large hotels – it only shows a low class establishment, not to mention that with its help it is impossible to create a unique atmosphere. For this reason, the furniture for the best hotels and ordered primarily on the individual project. To make a single ordering similar furniture for the entire room stock is impossible because of major differences in the layout of hotel rooms.

Furniture for the different room categories differ in several parameters. Primarily, the differences lie in the design. In a serious hotel will not put in the rooms of "Standard" low-quality furniture, however, for the price it differs significantly from that presented in the presidential Suite. Furniture is the defining criterion of comfort in the room, a major part of the interior. These are the main pricing factors of the hotel business. If in category "Standard" is legitimate chipboard furniture, to Suite expedient products are made of solid wood. Hotel, 5 stars, corresponding to the international classification, from furniture made of chipboard is better to refuse, even for standard rooms.

Furniture for hotel, in addition to good appearance, needs to have high strength, reliability and comfort for guests

We need to understand that much depends on the type of the furniture. If you take a closet, often even in major hotels, living rooms, back of the wardrobe is made of chipboard. To make economically feasible wood rear portion of the built-in furniture – the visitor will not see the appearance of the interior will not be affected. (In fairness, note – the DSP is different. Speaking about the brand Cleaf, of the products of this material is quite expensive, it can decorate the interior Luxury. However, the chipboard furniture Cleaf, because of the high cost, is rarely found in establishments of HoReCa.).

Central room

If the Suite in the large Central room can be a Desk, sofa, armchairs. Allowed a small glass coffee table. Although, I must admit, guests rarely use directly a coffee table, but as a piece of furniture in luxury apartments it is appropriate. Also in the main room can accommodate armchairs, sofas. Sofas in most of the hotels are either in the lobby or in rooms of high class. Living rooms of the middle class, as a rule, do not have a large main room, to save space in this large sofa is often not provided. In the main room Executive apartments provides a bar, it is advisable to order the production of the bar. These positions, of course, are made to order only, after the necessary measurements of the dimensions of the room, matching design materials.

The bedroom in hotel room

The furniture of a main room stay, a rather important task. Here it is necessary to, first, the furniture was as comfortable as possible, and secondly, consistent with the design concept of the rest of the dwelling. Bedside tables should be constructed of similar materials used to manufacture beds. Fittings used are high class, with good reliability. The rooms of the newlyweds, (in many hotels), it is advisable to order the production of exclusive beds in the shape of a heart or a model with a canopy. For the enrichment of the interior in the bedroom is the dresser, though in the hotels mentioned furniture unit is uncommon.

Individual position (for single rooms)

In most cases, hotel rooms Studio. Even in a large five star hotels, apartments Executive level often differ in design and comfort, with a total area of, but not number of rooms. Providing furnishing a big room, you need to work out a clear concept of numbers. In themed hotel apartments, the furniture is made of a particular design, taking into account stylistic features. That forms the interior of the large one room?

  • Sofa, sofa
  • Chair, Ottomans
  • Bed
  • A chest of drawers, bedside tables
  • Table (or writing journal)

As well as, furnishings that are not related to furniture but zakazyvala at the same time:

  • Mirrors
  • Lamps, lights
  • Decorative vases
  • Wall panel

These products must conform to the original concept of the room, the style created by interior designer and approved in the design of the project. Therefore, they often must be ordered from one contractor to ensure maximum compliance, similarity of color, design. In such rooms is often found in expensive designer furniture. Usually products of this class are rare in the HoReCa segment.

Themed apartment

For themed rooms, with a strong concept, the furniture is often developed by the designers who developed the style of the interior of the specified room. Or, a production company dedicated to picking the furniture, provides the designer to prepare the concept, design and sketch each type of furniture. In the conceptual apartment may meet non-standard positions: bar with built-in aquarium, bed with led lighting. If the layout of the apartments implies the possibility, the room may be round-shaped sofa. In other words, any creative solutions, it is extremely rare in the standard rooms, and designed primarily for hall or hotel lobby, it is realistic to see in a theme apartment.

In General, the hotel furniture is made mostly to order, and must initially have greater durability and reliability.