The role of front Desk for hotel

The role of front Desk for hotel

At the hotel reception Desk is one of the main image attributes. Entering the hotel the first thing that catches the eye of every guest – this is the front Desk.

And even if, it seems that it is perceived as self-evident, in fact, subconsciously, this moment is made the first impression about the hotel. You can spend a kind of analogy – the same as when we first met, attention is drawn to the shoes person here, attention is drawn to the reception Desk. But in addition to the image of the role, the reception Desk still has a considerable functional purpose. What practical role it performs in the hotel?

The work of the staff

First, from the inside can be a lot of shelves for advertising materials – catalogues, brochures with special offers, trade press for workers. There may be computer equipment – today, when booking rooms often takes place online via the Internet, you must in order to keep an employee who will be able to handle incoming orders. It is quite logical that it requires a computer with connection to the network, and thus its placement in a reception facility can help the workers of the hotel, to make reservations online. It is clear that different kinds of phones, Fax machines payment terminals for payment by credit card and other equipment, in this case also can easily be placed on the internal shelves with the working of the rack. So, by the way, order a reception Desk for the hotel, it is necessary only on an individual project, the company, which has experience of similar works.

The communication with the visitor

Secondly, the front Desk is, in fact, the main place for communication between staff and guests. Here is the clearance of visitors, final payment when leaving the hotel, the keys, all the different kinds of services – from calling a taxi to ordering Breakfast to the room. Moreover, if the hotel provides a Concierge service, often orders the guests to leave it at the counter Front Desk. Therefore, reception can be called the centre of communication between guests and staff.


Finally, the reception allows you to optimize the work of staff, if provided by the presence of several employees, and she front of fairly large dimensions. Agree, it will look weird if 3-4 people are constantly moving from one point to another. At the same time, the stand hides a movement of the employees behind it, and if you want to give the visitor a key, or perform some kind of his request to make a photocopy of the employee can safely go where it needs, without attracting the attention of other visitors with unnecessary movements.

So when we talk about how important high quality, well-conceived reception Desk for the hotel, it is necessary to remember that besides the most important image component, this object also performs a number of practical problems.